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June 7, 2023 11:25 AM
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December 8, 2022

Meet the HeliVerse

Heliswap Team
Meet the HeliVerse

One of our missions is to expand and increase the utility of the HELI token and to drive use cases to the HeliSwap Platform. As such, we are bringing a new product to Hedera that will be closely intertwined with the main HeliSwap DEX, while standing on its own in terms of branding, value proposition and usage. Meet the HeliVerse.

The goal of the HeliVerse is to create and combine many different use cases for HELI. At first, we are launching our flagship product: The HeliVerse Predictions.

HeliVerse Predictions:

Join the HeliSwap and Hedera communities as they predict the outcome of the future. Any event with a definite outcome can serve as an underlying prediction. How much will HBAR be worth in 2 months at a given date and time? Will HEDERA reach 25B transactions by the end of the year? Will Manchester City win the Champions League? Will Donald Trump be allowed to run as a presidential candidate? How many people will be living on earth by the end of this year according to the PRB? 

Only the future knows…..

Users can use their HELI tokens to choose one of the definitive outcomes. The overall odds then depend on the volume participation in each outcome. If you predicted correctly, you win the pool of wrong predictions (whether that is a Yes / No, Win/Draw/Lose scenario or similar).

HeliVerse interface, final design may differ


The HeliVerse will show leaderboards and a fun level-up system with cool HeliVerse avatar NFTs to unlock at each stage. First users to reach the last level will win extra prices - so make sure to join early!

Are you ready to predict the universe?

Join HeliVerse’s Twitter and Telegram as we reveal more details about its functionalities, implementation, dispute resolution, prediction creation and more.

The Future of the HeliVerse:

While our team continuously works on bringing new use cases to the HeliVerse, we are also working with partner projects on Hedera that want to include HELI on their platform in some form. Those projects can become “HeliVerse Partners” and we will also be able to feature their products within the HeliVerse.

Are you a project interested in integrating with HELI and the HeliVerse? Please get in touch through the HeliSwap Discord.

That’s all for now. We do not want to spoil too much information. Be one of the first users and get ahead of the curve!!! We will share more information with you very soon!