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January 31, 2023 10:07 AM
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December 8, 2022

HeliSwap Strategy Update

André Ringdorfer
HeliSwap Strategy Update

HeliSwap Strategy Update

A lot has happened in the past few months. Luna crashed, FTX collapsed, and many more companies are filing for bankruptcy. The market sentiment has become overall bearish, which is understandable given the recent events. Yet, these events have not kept the HeliSwap team from providing great services to the Hedera community. We have continued to BUIDL and made sure that the protocol improves day by day.

One key learning we had is that on Hedera, the community is everything and after all, HeliSwap is set up to be a complete community-driven DAO. Therefore we are shifting our overall strategy to become even more community-centric. This article will explain in more detail why and how we have updated our strategy and especially our tokenomics and early access program to better cater to the needs of the Hedera community.

Update 1)

Shifting to Community-focused Lockdrop
Throughout our early access programme, we received overwhelming interest from various parties,but ever so often heard that the community deems it unfair that community members with greater ticket sizes get to enjoy higher price discounts.

We cherish our community and listen to it, this is why we want to tell you that we heard you! Given this feedback from the community, we shifted our strategy away from tier-based token pricing depending on ticket sizes, and moved it to a more community-centric approach that treats the entire community equally (same token price, same opportunity), regardless of ticket size.

This new approach is also aligned with our DAO strategy, as the HELI token will experience a much broader distribution now, helping our company to become truly decentralized and avoids a few whales from owning a large portion of the DAO decision-making. Makes sense right? So without further ado:

We proudly present to you the first-ever Community Lockdrop on Hedera.

Simply explained, the community has the opportunity to provide HBAR tokens on our website. We then take the HBAR and match them with HELI to create LP tokens for HBAR <> HELI. This means that liquidity for the HELI token will be created using the HBAR collected during the commitment period. Thereafter 100% of created LP tokens will be distributed back to the community. The return of LP tokens will take place with a linear vesting over three months. The protocol itself does not keep any LP tokens, all tokens will be sent back to the contributors that have provided HBAR. So basically, we give you a predetermined amount of HELI tokens in return for you committing your HBAR to us for a limited time period. Sounds good right?

And the best thing is: Anyone can participate. And even better? WE GOT A DATE!!!

The HELI Lockdrop will start on 16 February and last until 23 February. On this last day, HELI is going to be officially made live and available on HeliSwap — and for anyone to own.

For more detailed information on our Community Lockdrop please refer to our Gitbook:

and check the Lockdrop website here:

Update 2)

Updated Tokenomics

Now, the change in our launch strategy, also means that we needed to slightly reconfigure our tokenomics. This is why we want to break down the updated tokenomics here.

Adjusting our tokenomics and redistributing the portion originally dedicated at a private sale, allows us to allocate tokens towards the community lockdrop, which in turn means that the HELI token will undergo a natural pricing mechanism (more on that in gitbook). We also built the new Ecosystem Development bucket, which helps HeliSwap’s ambitious growth targets, developing new projects and products and to provide liquidity for our first central exchange listings.

While most aspects of the tokenomics remain unchanged, we believe that this approach prepares HeliSwap better for the future and allows our DAO community to more actively shape HeliSwap’s future.

HELI Tokenomics

If you would like to understand more about the individual buckets, and what they could be used for, have a look at this more detailed breakdown:

For a graphic representation of the emissions schedule, please check out our gitbook section on tokenomics:


Big things are happening — and this is just the first announcement. Together with HELI coming soon, you can expect retroactive Claim Drops for our supporters, the launch of per user analytics, wallet integrations, token utilities and most importantly: the launch of the DAO!

Big things are happening and we are more than excited to ride along this wave with our HeliSquad community!