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December 19, 2023 7:46 AM
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December 8, 2022

Introducing: The HeliSwap Loyalty Program

Heliswap Team
Introducing: The HeliSwap Loyalty Program

Fasten your seat belts, HeliSwap is about to take off!

HeliSwap is a platform set out to serve its community. We want to grow - and we can only do that with you - our loyal users and supporters. It is time to give back and to reward your involvement. To do so, we present HeliSwap's Loyalty Program, which allows our loyal users to participate actively in the community, earning them different $HBAR, and $HELI allocations as a little thank you. The Program is starting with three seperate loyalty reward pools, and a few more will be added as we grow even further.

The Loyalty Program is the right step in the right time - preparing our community for the upcoming launch of the HeliVerse and the DAO. The closer connection to the community will facilitate a mutual growth stategy that will benefit the community, liquidity providers and $HELI holders alike.

The New Loyalty Program:

  1. Zealy Web3 Community
  2. Level-Up in Discord
  3. Invite Friends to Discord

1. Zealy Web3 Community

Zealy is a Web3 Community Platform that is integrated with the HeliSwap Discord, Twitter and Telegram - but it doesn't stop here. Participate actively on the Platform to complete quests and earn XPs. The fun part is, that the platform involves a levelling system based on those XPs and that some quests require you to complete a previous one - constant progress assured!

We are doing regular so called "Sprints" on the HeliSwap Zealy Platform (monthly basis) where the Top 100 Users over a specified timeframe will share a $HELI Price pool. This timeframe is called a Sprint and you can find it on the Zealy Website. In total, we will Distribute 333,333 $HELI Tokens among the Top 100 Zealy members at the end of the first sprint. The Distribution will be in relation to each persons XP points compared to the rest.

We will do similar tactics on a monthly basis, the reward allocation may change depending on adoption.

Here are some of the Initial Categories to earn XP points:

2. Level-Up in Discord

Are you an active contributor to the HeliSwap community?

To encourage active participation in Discord, the HeliSwap server has a Level-up system that measures your contributions (messages) within the server. Each time you message in the public groups of the HeliSwap Discord Server, you will receive some XP points. Each month, the Top 20 Contributors to the HeliSwap Discord will share a Price pool of 5,000 $HBAR.

XP Distribution: Each Minute you can earn XP by sending a message. You will receive between 15-25 XP points allocated Randomly. The "Each Minute" limitation helps to avoid spam. The team reserves the right to erase or limit XP points of users that are spamming or trying to abuse the system.

Achievement Unlocked!

Being an active member and participating in Discord, is not the only way to up the ranks. We have a few juicy achievements you can unlock!

How do achievements work?

When you type /achievements you can check your personal status on each running goal and the xp awarded for reaching each. The XP is added to the Leaderboard!

Price Distribution:

Each Month, 5,000 $HBAR are Distributed to the Top 20 Active Discord members. Here is the distribution:

3. Invite Friends to Discord, earn $HELI

Our discord could be the most fun in the world - but what use does it have if no one gets to enjoy it right? Bring in your friends and earn some $HELI. Each month, we are allocating around $100 worth of $HELI to be distributed among the 5 People that had the most successfull invites in Discord.

Important: You need to generate your personal invite link through the # Invites channel on our discord by typing /invites. Only invitations using that link will count !

How to use it? Go into the Invites channel in discord and use the /invites command to generate your very own Invite link. To check the leaderboard, type /invites-leaderboard.


Setting up the Loyalty and Rewards structure is a first step into an engaging and more community driven platform, and closely aligned with HeliSwap's goals. With the upcoming launch of the community driven HeliVerse and DAO, an active community is not just important, it lies at the heart of everything. As we are evolving the loyalty program and adding new und exciting features, please also feel free to share your feedback with the team in Discord.

Thank you for tagging around on our Journey!

Your HeliSwap Team.