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December 19, 2023 7:46 AM
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December 8, 2022

HeliSwap is entering a new era of Governance — Launching the HeliSwap DAO

Heliswap Team
HeliSwap is entering a new era of Governance — Launching the HeliSwap DAO

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the launch of the HeliSwap DAO. With the launch of the DAO we are entering a new era of governance for the platform, ultimately giving YOU, our community and supporters a voice in shaping HeliSwap`s future!

It has always been the goal to give the community a voice, not just by providing us with feedback, but also by engaging with the new DAO, creating proposals and actively voting on their outcomes. It is time for the community to step up and lead HeliSwap into this new and exciting next phase.

The HeliSwap DAO is not limited to a small group of people, but open to anyone who has staked $HELI into the Single Sided Staking Phase 2 mechanism, the new and most advanced Single Sided Staking mechanism on Hedera!

Hey, I am a $HELI Staker, what does this mean for me?


Anyone who has staked $HELI into SSS Phase 2, receives voting rights within the DAO. The final voting rights are a combination of the overall stake and lock period that you chose. (More Info: Voting) You can use these voting rights to vote on active proposals and shape their outcome.


In order to prevent the platform from spamming or malicious activities, a threshold of 1% of total $HELI staked in SSS Phase 2 is applied before community members can create proposals. This adds a certain importance to proposal creation. Prior to creating a proposal, we encourage any community member to get in touch with the HeliSwap Governing Council to get advice on wording and building the proposal properly. The Governing Council may also provide a quote on proposals which the proposal creator may include for additional support. (More Info: Proposals)


There is a dedicated governance section within our discord channel where we encourage all community members to share their feedback, discuss proposals, ask questions etc. The HeliSwap team will also show regular presence to provide context and feedback where needed and adecuate. (Discord Governance Section)

Timelines & Parameters:

There are certain parameters that proposals have to reach in order to pass. You can check the DAO timelines and Parameters Here

Getting Started:

To introduce everyone to the mechanism, a first “Example Proposal” was uploaded to the DAO. After the initial Warm Up period, the proposal will be up for voting. Any proposal, failed or accepted, will afterwards be listed within the DAO. Here is the LINK to check out the very first HeliSwap DAO Proposal !

Without further ado, thank you all for your continued support and trust in the HeliSwap team and the project. With the launch of the DAO we are transitioning into a new era of governance — that involves everyone!!

PS: We will provide more detailed informations on the Proposals and how it ties in with the HeliSwap Tokenomics etc. soon.