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May 22, 2023 4:40 PM
Last Updated:
December 8, 2022

HBAR Pools Migration - May 29th

Heliswap Team
HBAR Pools Migration - May 29th

As mentioned in the Spring update and after extensive conversations with the HeliSwap community, we have decided to move our farms back to an HBAR-centric set-up. Those new HBAR farms will go live throughout May 29th.

With the move on May 29th, we will also put an increased emphasis on attracting TVL to the DEX and consider our transitional period as ended. We will be using our HBAR, HELI and OM[hts] triple rewards to attract TVL to the platform and to reward our loyal liquidity providers for their contributions while we are preparing for the launch of Single Sided Staking Phase 2 and the DAO in June.

As part of these new farms, the team is also using an improved version of its current wrapped HBAR version (something that is working in the backend and users do not see in the front-end). This version of wrapped HBAR is compliant with the upcoming network update and will provide improved security. This means that current HBAR pools will phase out and the community will need to migrate their LPs from HBAR pools to our new HBAR pools. This will require a quick migration of the remaining HBAR pools to the new pools holding the same tokens:

  • HBAR / HST

All other HBAR pools and farms that we are starting new, will not require a migration as there is no liquidity within those farms.

As Crypto can get busy, we are going to frequently communicate this necessary migration in our channels as well as on the website, to make sure that everyone is aware and not missing out on APRs.

We also added the Migration date to the HeliSwap Events Calendar. If you follow us there, it should automatically pop up in your devices calendars:

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