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May 18, 2023
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May 18, 2023

What is a snapshot?

André Ringdorfer
What is a snapshot?
Key Takeaways:
  • Snapshot refers to a file that contains the current status of a blockchain or DLT at any particular time
  • Snapshot will be taken for $HELI Claimdrops

In crypto the term snapshot is used to describe a file that contains the current status of a blockchain or DLT at any particular time. It captures all activity from the ledger, including existing addresses and related data like transactions, balances, metadata, fees, and many more data points. 

In the case of HeliSwap, our snapshots focus on all transactions related to our decentralized exchange. That means recording wallets that interacted with the DEX in terms of trading, provisioning liquidity, staking into yield farm campaigns and many more interactions. One example of a recent snapshot is the HELI DazzleDuck NFT snapshot, that has been taken to capture all liquidity providers on the HeliSwap DEX (NFT holders of this NFT will be eligible to get a claimdrop). 

Usually snapshots are taken in order to better understand the state of a particular blockchain, or DAPP, and work with that data to improve the protocol. In the case of HeliSwap snapshots might come with the additional benefit of claimdrops. 

We reserve the right to announce the criteria in advance, but to also announce claimdrops after a snapshot has already been taken to reward natural interaction. 

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